It’s National Stationery Week – and I’m a #stationeryaddict

Did you know that today marks the start of National Stationery Week? It’s organised by the London Stationery Show and all the big UK stationery names – Paperchase, Ryman, Sainsbury’s, the Post Office, Wilkinson’s, Poundland and John Lewis and more – are supporting it. What’s really great, though, is that it marks the culmination of the year-long campaign, Get Britain Writing, encouraging everyone to write letters, send cards or postcards to each other.

NSW 2014 Logo with sponsors - Get Britain writing

Organiser Chris Leonard-Morgan said: “With the nation sending millions of emails and even more texts every single day, receiving a handwritten note is becoming a rare treat, and one that many young people in the UK are yet to experience! Penning a letter is as good for the sender as it is for the recipient, lifting spirits and inspiring creativity as we take more time out of our day to savour and enjoy communication with friends and loved ones.
“Technology is fantastic and the ability to get in touch quickly and instantly is allowing us to engage with one another more than ever before. But the power of the written word cannot be overestimated and we hope that more people will reopen these channels of communication during National Stationery Week”.

Personally, I love receiving a handwritten letter or card, and I love writing them too. The only problem I find is remembering to write one… So, this week I’m going to start using the lovely stationery I have to send cards to people I might not have caught up with for a little, to say hello, ask how they are, let them know I’m thinking about them and maybe even see if they’ll write back too.

Will you join in with Get Britain Writing? Who could you send a card or letter to this week?

Find out more about National Stationery Week at their website,


Kate’s Stationery of the Week #1

Hi all! Slightly later than planned, I’ve got a couple of pieces of stationery to share with you that I’m particularly pleased with this week…

If you like post-its, you’ll love these teeny tiny sticky notes:

i-Marker 'Paris' sticky notes

i-Marker ‘Paris’ sticky notes

It’s (almost, sort of) the skyline of Paris! They’re not the most practical but they’ll be great for bookmarks or finding my way back to various scribblings in various notebooks (and, like Simon, I have one or two…). I know they have other designs too – I’m going to keep an eye out for London and New York!

Then, there are these – totally kawaii! (Apologies for the shaky camera work!)

Iwako Doll and Lucky Cat Eraser Set

Iwako Doll and Lucky Cat Eraser Set

I really love the Japanese kawaii ‘cute’ trend – I’ve been a fan of Japanese culture since I discovered Haruki Murakami and Studio Ghibli, ten or twelve years ago. This is a really sweet little ‘puzzle eraser’ set, that’s partly a toy but also works as a rubber. I don’t know if you can see but this is number 17; I know number 1 is a funny little fast food set with a burger, fries and a milkshake among other things, but I particularly like the little animals. Could I ever bring myself to use these to rub something out? I’m not sure; I wouldn’t want to spoil them! I might have to get another set “for best”. Is that odd?

What stationery are you coveting at the moment? Simon and I would love to know! Tweet us your finds @WeScribbleIt or leave a comment… xx

Simon’s Stationery of the Week #1

I thought I would do a weekly post of the latest, or simply currently greatest, notebook or other piece of random stationery each week. This idea definitely didn’t come to me when I saw a notebook that I wanted to buy today. No, no, no. Not at all. Oh okay, I can’t lie it did. This doesn’t mean that I always have to buy something new every week, it might be a gift, or simply one of the items I have bought and not yet used. Mind you that implies I am going to use them, which doesn’t always happen.

Enough waffle, what on earth was the item that inspired this feature and simply made me have to buy it? Well, it was this…

Manchester Central Library Notebook

A notebook in the shop of the all new and sparkly refurbished Central Library in Manchester which I went and  visited today. I saw this, with its bookplate patterned cover and (as some of you will already know) being a big fan of books and libraries I simply couldn’t resist, even at a £7.50 price tag.

You know how I mentioned the fact that I used to go to stately homes and museums and the like and get a few nik-naks but no notepad, it seemed that the lack of notepad from times past struck a chord and so I shunned the pens, badges and other assortments (oddly no bookmarks as I would have got one of those) and grabbed it.

What will I do with it? Erm, leave me to think on that one. Right now it just looks lovely… and pristine… errr, let’s move swiftly on…

Hello, My Name is Simon & I am Addicted to Stationery!

There are some obsessions from childhood that as an adult, who should know better, stick with you and in some cases worsen and become more and more consuming. I have three such obsessions/addictions. Books, Jelly Belly and stationery – and I want lots of all of them, much to the ill health of my bank account. There is that not-so-subconcious part of my brain that says ‘you’re an adult now, so you can indulge’ and so I do, and have done to quite an extent.


Some of Simon’s Stationery

Before you think ‘what a grown up spoilt brat’, I was not from a family who could afford to buy anything I wanted at the drop of a hat. I was allowed a new pencil case, and its contents, every September in time for the new school year. Even when Amy Bennett (yes, the name is etched on my brain – I wonder what happened to her) cut the zip on my favourite spider pencil case in a science lesson in Year 7 I had to wait several weeks to get a new replacement and in the end had to make do with an old one.  Something I still clearly have yet to get over the rage of. Yet it was before school, and the annual trip to Woolies or WHSmith, which invariably involved my mother tutting at the inordinate amount of time choosing took, that my hoarding of stationery started. Oddly it’s all the fault of stately homes and in the main the National Trust.

As a child while my mother was spending the summers studying at university (sounds odd and might mess with your head, so don’t think about it too much) I would go and spend the holidays with my Grandparents. This roughly involved going to a stately home almost every weekend, alas despite my begging it wasn’t Hardwick Hall every time. On these jaunts out my Gran would have her head in a guide book almost knocking into the items she was reading about, my Granddad (or Bongy as I called him) as a painter would be interested in all the artwork. I was interested in three things, the servants quarters in the spooky attics, the four poster beds (I still want to own one one day) and the gift shop.

I was allowed, as a memento of the day, to spend £1 in each stately-home/castle/cathedral/museum that we went to. Before you start thinking my Grandparents were tight this was back in the mid 1980’s and £1 went far, roughly to a pencil, bookmark, rubber/eraser and if you were really lucky there might still be room for a badge/themed chocolate coin. I know this, as very soon I had about 10/12 of these sets within the space of a year.

What always eluded me though was notepads, I was from a family that were allowed to draw or write on the back (clean side) of Kent County Council headed paper, somehow acquired – we never asked how – by my Great Uncle Derrick, or on the back of the questionnaires my Gran drove around the area asking people on behalf of the government. You were probably looking at £1.25 for a simple, yet appropriately endorsed, journalists jotter or stapled tiny notepad that would have fallen apart on the way home – if you had been lucky enough to get one.

The illusive nature of the notepad stuck with me in school. ‘Have you lost your new exercise book again Simon… honestly, I only gave you a new one the other day!’ In actuality it was probably the day before and that notepad was now squirreled away in the big blue trunk at the end of my bed to write stories in or to just be left pristine because that is how special a notebook was, we still had reams of Kent County Council paper after all.

In adult life this acquiring carried on, only invariably through my employers. Oh dear. Note: Before I move forward let me just say I now work for the council and any chance of getting a new notepad is as likely as a pig flying through the office, I think you have to get a sign off (possibly in blood) from two managers before you can have a pen – you think I am joking don’t you? Stationery cupboards were not safe and at one particular company, where I was an office manager, nor was the stationery catalogue. I shall say no more. Temping also proved amazing in London as every company you went to, you needed a new notepad, yet you could easily pop some scrap paper in said notebook leaving it pristine when you had left even if that was only a day/week later. Is that bad? Should I feel terrible? On the wages I was on I think not.

Now as a proper grown up (which I begrudgingly agreed I should be after 30 years of age) the addiction is just to buy it when I can. Only last week on a lunch break Sam, Chloe and Katie moaned ‘not bloody Paperchase again Simon, you went in last week’ – they don’t understand. This morning, this is no lie see the @WeScribbleIt twitter feed, I constructed ‘going out for breakfast’ to somewhere near Staples. I also do this with bookshops.

Do I write on these purchases? Not all of them, are you mad? I intend to… at some point, mainly though 70% are waiting for just the right reason to be used. Their time will come. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes I do still get a pen, a rubber/eraser and a bookmark when I go to a stately home/museum/castle and if I am feeling really lavish I might even buy myself a desk jotter!!!!!

And we’re live! When I found stationery, by Kate

Welcome to our new blog – Stationery Scribbles. Here, Simon and I will be treating you to our papery thoughts and dreams, but to kick things off, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to discover the roots of our shared obsession.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading, and I’ve loved writing and all the paraphernalia that goes with it…
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