Kate’s Stationery of the Week #2

This week, I have a new love… Washi tape, or patterned tape, is making a huge comeback. Here’s a lovely set I found in Paperchase but you can find it all over the place online and in stationery stores.

Patterned tape set, Paperchase

Patterned tape set, Paperchase

I used the red roll on the left to wrap up my Mother’s Day present; it looks lovely against the wrapping paper. It’s also great – apparently – for paper craft, personalising greetings cards and so on. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different patterns and designs.

Do you use washi tapes? Got any tips for me on making something lovely with it?


2 thoughts on “Kate’s Stationery of the Week #2

  1. Pinterest is full of washi tape ideas. Just type into search washi tape, washi tape projects, washi tape ideas or washi tape diy and you can spend hours looking through it.
    I love washi tapes and use them to decorate envelopes, in my notebook and to wrap presents.


    • Well, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Actually, I ordered some lovely stationery from The Magic Notebook and received some snippets of patterned tape, so I’m going to start thinking of projects so I can use them 🙂


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