Kate’s Stationery of the Week #4

As seen on my Instagram earlier this week (I’m Magic_Kitten if you’d like to follow me!), here’s my stationery of the week for this week…

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In keeping with my resolution to keep in touch with friends on paper, I popped into my local Paperchase to look at what correspondence sets they had. I went for this set, with illustrated pages (I’ll write on the other side) and envelopes. The set contains 20 sheets of paper and 10 envelopes, for £6. For my next set, I think I might go Korean, as they’re bound to have some beautiful designs.

Plus, I couldn’t resist the adorable Koala rubber, for just £1 – it’s from the same company who made the set I bought recently.

What’s your stationery pick this week? Share it with us here!


Kate’s Stationery of the Week #3

This week, my stationery of the week was free! What could be better than free stationery?!



Simon and I were both at London Book Fair this week, which had a Korean theme – yes, I know! – and I managed to find a stall about Naver, a popular webtoon site now publishing comics as books (I was allowed to take two to try in a lovely tote bag) and, while I was there, was given a lovely biro pen with a paper outer casing. In case you can’t tell, it says “Korea Market Focus 2014 The London Book Fair”. An excellent souvenir from an excellent day. You can hear more from me about the London Book Fair over on http://www.adventureswithwords.com

What’s your stationery pick this week? We’d love to know!

Inkdrops ACE Box, April 2014

I’ve mentioned Inkdrops before on my personal blog, MagicKittenBlogs*, but I’ve just received my new ACE Box for April, and I had to share it with you…

In case you don’t know, Inkdrops is a website offering a through-the-post stationery subscription service, similar to the huge variety of beauty, food and knickknack subscriptions now available. As far as I know, though, this is the only one of its kind. Anastasia and Carla select beautiful cards, notelets, postcards, stickers, sticky notes, pens and pencils from all over the world and create monthly ACE Boxes, as well as themed boxes that you can buy as a one-off. You can find out more about them here, and take a look at their shop here. I first subscribed to Inkdrops’ ACE Box in August last year and I’ve never been disappointed yet!

Here’s this month’s special delivery:

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Five lovely treats this month – a set of Korean gift tags, following the trend of featuring European travel destinations, a great nautical postcard, two very spring-like greetings cards, one with rabbits, one with a violet, and a brilliant sticky-note/memo set, made by Oohlala, also a Korean company.

Korean stationery, at the moment, is the new Japan when it comes to cute, quirky stationery with clever twists and designs. It’s a little less cutesy than the Japanese kawaii trend, with more emphasis on designs based on animals and European capitals like Paris, Vienna and London, or fun retro ideas like this camper van sticky note set. Believe me, I’ve got plenty of Korean stationery coming your way. There are many online UK-based shops offering a variety of brands – Inkdrops ACE Boxes often feature them – but http://www.fallindesign.com is a Korean site with an easy-to-navigate English-language website if you want to research further. Prices are very reasonable, including shipping costs. I’ve just checked and they do feature more Oohlala products!

I’m so pleased with April’s ACE Box. As always, there are some beautiful things here to help me keep in touch with friends and keep track of all my ideas on quirky sticky notes.

What’s your favourite product from this month’s ACE Box? Do you subscribe to another stationery box? Let me know!

Clearing My Desk: Organiser Giveaway

On Saturday 5th, it was Get Organised Day of National Stationery Week and I used this as my inspiration to get to grips with my desktop and desk drawers. I get rid of a whole bag full of rubbish and paper to be recycled, found room for all the bits and bobs that were cluttering up my desktop and stopping me using it to work at, and now it’s a lovely, tidy useable workspace again. Yay!

When I was investigating the forgotten depths of my desk drawers, amongst the old phones (I found a Nokia 3330 in a Tigger phone case) and old knickknacks (blue sparkly plastic recorder, anyone?), I came across a lovely mini-sized personal organiser. The calendar inside it dates from 2010, with one or two notes scribbled inside but, apart from that, it’s in perfect condition.

Mini Personal Organiser (Paperchase)

Mini Personal Organiser (Paperchase)

I bought this from Paperchase before I had a smart phone and was thinking about getting better organised, keeping track of dates but, in the end, I didn’t use it much as, soon afterwards, I got my first iPhone and never looked back, calendar-wise. To continue the theme of clearing out and life-tidying, I thought one of you lovely people might have a use for it even though I don’t. It’s such a cute design, small enough to fit in a handbag, and, because it’s a standard size, you’ll be able to get new, up-to-date inserts from any stationers.

Just complete the Rafflecopter and you’ll be “in the draw” to win it!

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Unboxing: Inkdrops, August 2013

Here’s a post originally written on my personal blog, about a fantastic site offering stationery through the post, on subscription. My next ‘box’ will be arriving next week…

MagicKitten* blogs

I’m definitely coming around to the excitement of monthly treats through the post.  Inkdrops is my new discovery to satisfy my stationery-buying urges, which, let’s face it, are pretty overwhelming.  I’ve subscribed to their ‘ACE’ box service, at £11.95.
One – it’s incredible convenient, because I know it’s going to pop through my letterbox just after the 7th of each month.  Two – it means I know how much to budget already for papery treats. Three – I’m supporting an independent business instead of lots of money disappearing into the beautiful but not-always-honest mitts of Paperchase (did you know they stole a design from someone online and used it on products uncredited?).

A lovely note from Carla and Annastasia A lovely note from Carla and Annastasia

When I opened up the envelope, I found this lovely handwritten note from Annastacia and Carla, who run Inkdrops, introducing me to my box for August… And just look at…

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#GetBritainWriting, with National Stationery Week

I’m sure you can’t have missed the fact that it’s National Stationery Week this week, and it’s inspired me to do something a bit different; I’ve been writing handwritten letters and cards to people as part of the campaign Get Britain Writing.

Example of handwriting with gold pen

We all love receiving things that aren’t bills or junk mail through the post but how often do we actually send something to someone else? It’s so exciting getting a card or letter, more than a text, email or tweet – who is it from? What news do they have? Plus, of course, there’s all the beautiful letter-writing stationery out there. I think I certainly take for granted that I’m able to send a quick text or Facebook message to my friends but actually, because it’s so easy, I don’t do it as much as I should. There’s something about the extra effort needed to write a letter – choosing the paper, adding a funny sticker or two – or sending a card or postcard with a great design, that makes it more fun to do and more special to receive.

Next, I have a trip to the post office with some nicely full envelopes and then I’ll be waiting eagerly to see who replies! I really hope they write back…

Who will you write to, this National Stationery Week? What news is better shared on paper compared to pixels?

Kate’s Stationery of the Week #2

This week, I have a new love… Washi tape, or patterned tape, is making a huge comeback. Here’s a lovely set I found in Paperchase but you can find it all over the place online and in stationery stores.

Patterned tape set, Paperchase

Patterned tape set, Paperchase

I used the red roll on the left to wrap up my Mother’s Day present; it looks lovely against the wrapping paper. It’s also great – apparently – for paper craft, personalising greetings cards and so on. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different patterns and designs.

Do you use washi tapes? Got any tips for me on making something lovely with it?

It’s National Stationery Week – and I’m a #stationeryaddict

Did you know that today marks the start of National Stationery Week? It’s organised by the London Stationery Show and all the big UK stationery names – Paperchase, Ryman, Sainsbury’s, the Post Office, Wilkinson’s, Poundland and John Lewis and more – are supporting it. What’s really great, though, is that it marks the culmination of the year-long campaign, Get Britain Writing, encouraging everyone to write letters, send cards or postcards to each other.

NSW 2014 Logo with sponsors - Get Britain writing

Organiser Chris Leonard-Morgan said: “With the nation sending millions of emails and even more texts every single day, receiving a handwritten note is becoming a rare treat, and one that many young people in the UK are yet to experience! Penning a letter is as good for the sender as it is for the recipient, lifting spirits and inspiring creativity as we take more time out of our day to savour and enjoy communication with friends and loved ones.
“Technology is fantastic and the ability to get in touch quickly and instantly is allowing us to engage with one another more than ever before. But the power of the written word cannot be overestimated and we hope that more people will reopen these channels of communication during National Stationery Week”.

Personally, I love receiving a handwritten letter or card, and I love writing them too. The only problem I find is remembering to write one… So, this week I’m going to start using the lovely stationery I have to send cards to people I might not have caught up with for a little, to say hello, ask how they are, let them know I’m thinking about them and maybe even see if they’ll write back too.

Will you join in with Get Britain Writing? Who could you send a card or letter to this week?

Find out more about National Stationery Week at their website, http://www.nationalstationeryweek.com