Simon’s Stationery of the Week #1

I thought I would do a weekly post of the latest, or simply currently greatest, notebook or other piece of random stationery each week. This idea definitely didn’t come to me when I saw a notebook that I wanted to buy today. No, no, no. Not at all. Oh okay, I can’t lie it did. This doesn’t mean that I always have to buy something new every week, it might be a gift, or simply one of the items I have bought and not yet used. Mind you that implies I am going to use them, which doesn’t always happen.

Enough waffle, what on earth was the item that inspired this feature and simply made me have to buy it? Well, it was this…

Manchester Central Library Notebook

A notebook in the shop of the all new and sparkly refurbished Central Library in Manchester which I went and  visited today. I saw this, with its bookplate patterned cover and (as some of you will already know) being a big fan of books and libraries I simply couldn’t resist, even at a £7.50 price tag.

You know how I mentioned the fact that I used to go to stately homes and museums and the like and get a few nik-naks but no notepad, it seemed that the lack of notepad from times past struck a chord and so I shunned the pens, badges and other assortments (oddly no bookmarks as I would have got one of those) and grabbed it.

What will I do with it? Erm, leave me to think on that one. Right now it just looks lovely… and pristine… errr, let’s move swiftly on…