Kate’s Stationery of the Week #3

This week, my stationery of the week was free! What could be better than free stationery?!



Simon and I were both at London Book Fair this week, which had a Korean theme – yes, I know! – and I managed to find a stall about Naver, a popular webtoon site now publishing comics as books (I was allowed to take two to try in a lovely tote bag) and, while I was there, was given a lovely biro pen with a paper outer casing. In case you can’t tell, it says “Korea Market Focus 2014 The London Book Fair”. An excellent souvenir from an excellent day. You can hear more from me about the London Book Fair over on http://www.adventureswithwords.com

What’s your stationery pick this week? We’d love to know!


And we’re live! When I found stationery, by Kate

Welcome to our new blog – Stationery Scribbles. Here, Simon and I will be treating you to our papery thoughts and dreams, but to kick things off, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to discover the roots of our shared obsession.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading, and I’ve loved writing and all the paraphernalia that goes with it…
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